Chris Lin M.D.
Juvy Young M.D.
Update 2015

First of all.  In spite of an MIT education, Dr. Lin did not major in website
design.  Our goal here to accurately give you information about our practice
the best way we can.  All of our pictures are actual patients and staff.    

We encourage the flu shot for the every year.  Some years the strands they
predict are better than others.  But regardless it is recommended.  The shot
decreases you chance of getting flu.  It does not eliminate your chances.

We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of concussions in our
patients playing competitive sports.  New information about concussions
comes out every few months it seems.  Please let us know so any
concussions can be evaluated to keep him or her safe.  

Please schedule an in person visit for any questions about vaccines including
the yearly flu vaccine.  RSV and flu and whooping cough and now measles
are seen every year.  

The earlier you schedule your well-check appointment, the easier it will be to
get the day and time you want.  Our well-checks are booked well in advance
due to volume and also our desire to spend as much time as needed during
these visits.  You will have the choice of seeing a particular doctor for your

Dr. Juvy Young has been with us for over 10 years now!  It is reassuring to
know that Dr. Young will continue to expand on the tradition of dedication,
commitment and compassion that our patients have come to expect.

Dr. Chris Lin has been back to work since March, 2011.  His doctors have
basically told him to "take it easy the rest of your life."  Please bear with the
office as his schedule can change occasionally but in a normal week he will
see patients in the office 4 days a week.  He is very appreciative for all the
prayers and cards and gifts from patients and specialists.  His desire to see
his patients and the office again gave him strength to return quickly.  

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